Social and Emotional Wellness

Green Bow signifiying Mental Health Awar
Green Bow signifiying Mental Health Awar

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Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 5.37.00 PM

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Green Bow signifiying Mental Health Awar
Green Bow signifiying Mental Health Awar

Reaching out to safe adults


Life can become overwhelming at times.  You may be surprised to hear that a 2018 study by the APA reported teens as experiencing higher levels of anxiety and depression than any other age group AND that this trend has been prevalent since 2013. I share this to say, you are not alone.  


Mental health challenges can impact school performance, relationships, risky behaviors and overall quality of life.  We hope you find some valuable resources here; however, please know you can reach out to any of us in student services for help as well.  We want you to thrive.

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Mobile Crisis & Crisis Chat


Mobile Crisis Services are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost.  This service comes to you and provides crisis response, stabilization, and prevention services. You can click on the picture to the left for their website or call:  1-866-437-1821

Crisis Chat: A service where you can talk with a caring person.  You can talk about anything that may be bothering you, even if it is difficult to talk about.  You can click the picture on the left and look for the "chat with us" icon in upper right side of page.  Follow prompts.  This is available 24/7/365.



Say Something

This is an anonymous reporting system launched in 2019 across NC. 

To utilize you can download the app for your phone, submit through the website or use the phone number.  Any issue of safety should be reported.  This could be observed threats, behaviors, actions or harassment. The goal is to help us intervene before someone hurts themselves or others.


Local Professional Resources

Listed to the left are three local resources for mental health services.  These are terrific resources to utilize if you feel that you (or your student) could benefit from professional counseling services; however, these are not for an emergency situation where you would call 911 or Mobile Crisis. 

Trillium Health Resources can assist in linking you to local mental health providers.  The "local resources" button lists local providers you have as an option and the final link is for mental health services that would be provided to your student at school through the Family Wellness Center.  Please, contact your student's school counselor to assist you with the school-based referral if you feel this is the best resource for your student.

If you are concerned for your own or your student's safety, please do not email.

Call 911 or mobile crisis immediately. 

The LightHouse Project provides useful tools for the community to educate on what to ask someone you care about that may be suicidal and what to do.

NAMI is a resource for parents & students alike on mental health.

Supportive resource for LGBTQ youth who are struggling with mental wellness.

Nonprofit developed by Lady Gaga to empower youth through education and advocacy on mental health and ways to be part of the solution, for yourself and others.

Resource for parents and students about developmental milestones birth to young adult.

American College of Pediatrics
COVID-19 Crisis Protocol
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are following guidelines established by the governor, NC Board of Education, NC DPI and Martin County Schools' Board of Education.  Social distancing will will be strictly enforced for everyone's safety; therefore, all conferences will be completed via telephone or electronic video conferencing.