Registering for High School Courses

Guidelines for course registration:

Martin County Schools offers block scheduling.  Block scheduling organizes the academic year into two semesters, one in the fall and the second semester is the spring term.  The school day is then built around four instructional periods per day.  This will provide students the opportunity to take four classes each term (semester) which will equal eight courses per year.  

Students will be required to register for eight courses and four alternates for a total  of 12 separate courses.  Hopefully, each student will be able to take each course they select; however, because of possible schedule conflicts, it may be necessary to alter some students' selections.  Because of this very real possibility, it is required that each student give careful consideration to the four alternate courses you select.   The four alternate courses must be different than the electives you have chosen. 

Students will register for their classes using the online format provided in PowerSchool.  We have provided written directions along with video tutorials on this site to help you with the process.  We strongly encourage you to follow the suggestions provided on this website.

When completing your online course registration you will notice that PowerSchool automatically assumes you will pass all of your current classes.  Please go along with these parameters and if any changes need to be made following the end of the semester your school counselor will contact you to modify your schedule.

There are additional resources on this website to provide you as much information as possible.  Before you register, please prepare by looking at the high school graduation requirement page as well as the the page designated for your grade level.  If you still have questions or are struggling with the online registration process, please schedule a meeting with your school counselor.  You will find a tab at the top of the webpage, in the menu bar, title "schedule a meeting".  Please follow the prompts and coordinate a conference.

Step #1: Preparing

  • The first thing you will need is your PowerSchool log-in.  This is the same site you go to in order to check your grades or to use SchoolNet for tests.  If you are unsure what your log-in is, please email any of your current classroom teachers as they can provide it (your log-in) to you.

  • Review the tool titled "Graduation Checklist".  This will guide you as to what courses you have probably already taken and the typical courses you will need to register for in the upcoming grade.  If you are unsure what courses you have taken, follow these directions:  (1) Log-into Powerschool (2) Look on the left of your screen and click the tab titled "Grade History"  (3) The courses you have taken are sorted by school year  (4) Look at the F1 grade for each course you took each semester for every year you have been in high school.  

  • Review the 2021-2022 High School Programming Guide (Also known as registration guide).  This document can answer most of your questions.  *Pages 24 - 41 of the guide provides course descriptions.  This is helpful tool describes to you the courses that will be listed for you to select from. 

  • Check out our website: Some helpful information will be under the grade-level pages, graduation requirements as well as course options under Career and Technical Education and Career and College Promise.   We also have videos that cover graduation requirements, 9th grade orientation and how to register.

Step #2: How to Register

  • Log into "" account.  This is the same website you use to check your grades in PowerSchool or SchoolNet when you take tests.  You will need your student number and passcode.  If you are unsure what these are, please check with one of your current teachers.

  • We have two types of directions for you.  The first is the video you will see below and the second is a step-by-step written set of directions.  

  • Please know that only the courses offered at Riverside High School are shown and you MUST register for 12 classes.  This includes your 8 classes and 4 alternates. Please make sure your 4 alternate courses are DIFFERENT than the courses you already selected as electives. 

  • If you intend to take courses at Martin Community College, you must register for those courses with Ms. Varnell.  For high school registration purposes, you still must register for 12 classes offered here at Riverside and when your courses are finalized with Ms. Varnell, your high school schedule will be revised.

  • NCVPS courses are not listed on the registration forms.  If you meet the parameters and are interested in taking one of these classes, still register for your 12 courses in PowerSchool.  Then schedule a conference with your school counselor to discuss your NCVPS choice.

  • Tip: Electives are listed in alphabetical order and have multiple pages to review and select from.

  • Tip: Before you can submit your course selections, each row has to have a green check present at the far right.  If you have a red exclamation mark anywhere on your screen, you have to fix the error or your course selections will not be accepted. 

  • Tip: You must register during the registration period.  After the deadline passes (March 26, 2021) you will no longer have access to the registration form. 

How to register for high school courses online.

Video Directions

PowerSchool is NOT available this weekend due to state-wide maintenance.  Course registration has been extended to the end of school on Friday, March 26th as a way to make up for time lost.

Press the sound icon if video is silent when it starts.

Also, click on "full screen" icon in bottom left of video for best picture.

Additional Resources on this Site

Still have questions?

If you have questions or have a difficult time registering for courses, we are here to help.

There are two ways to schedule a meeting.  The first is to click "Schedule a Meeting" button below or you can scroll to the top of the page.  In the blue menu box you will see a tab labeled "Schedule a Meeting". Click this tab and follow the prompts.  


You will need to select your school counselor or person you need to contact, a date and time to have conference, and a working phone number for them to call you. 

Here is your student services team members you may need to contact:

                  Karolyn Leavelle                                   Jamila Riddick                                          Emily Varnell

                 School Counselor                                School Counselor                                  MCC Career Coach

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COVID-19 Crisis Protocol

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are following guidelines established by the governor, NC Board of Education, NC DPI and Martin County Schools' Board of Education.  Social distancing will will be strictly enforced for everyone's safety; therefore, all conferences will be completed via telephone or electronic video conferencing.

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