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Welcome to Riverside High

Class of 2024: We welcome you to the home of the Knights!  These next four years will go by faster than you expect.  We want to help make sure you are ready for a successful journey on day one.

Our first tip to you is to find someone at Riverside whom you can trust and turn to if you need help or have questions.  Here in student services, we want you to know we are here if you need us.  We also want to encourage you to try new things, get involved with campus activities.  We offer a variety of social clubs, service an academic focused organizations along with athletics.  There is sure to be something here to spark your interests, build friendships and make life-long memories.

This has been unusual year for all of us and we apologize for not being able to have the events we had planned to help welcome you in person.  Please check your emails and this site weekly for updates to events for orientation that we hope to be able to offer at a later date.

Typical 9th Grade Schedule

Riverside High Schools functions on a block schedule.  This means the year is separated into to sections called semesters. The first semester is fall.  Beginning the 2020 - 2021 academic year, the fall semester will run from about August to December. The second semester, called spring semester will runs from January until May.  Each semester you will have 4 courses.

This is an example of a typical 9th grade schedule:



English I

Health & PE

Math I

Visual Art I

Weight Lifting I

World History

Earth & Environmental Science

Foods I

Balanced Schedule: This is where you have 2 elective courses and 2 CORE courses every semester.  Please notify your school counselor if your schedule is not balanced.  While this is the goal, at times it is not possible to attain.

9th Grade Course Options

There are two paths to a high school diploma at Riverside High School.  Most students will follow the Future Core Ready (FRC) graduation guidelines. 


The Occupational Course of Study (OCS) graduation guidelines are for students who qualify; and whose IEP team has agreed that the OCS guidelines best meets their educational needs. Not all student's with IEP's follow the OCS guidelines.  If you are uncertain as to which guidelines you follow, please reach out to your school counselor or EC Case Manager for clarification.


Future Ready Core


Occupational Course of Study

English I

Math I or Math II*

Earth & Environmental Science

World History**

Health & PE

3 Elective Courses***

OCS English I

OCS Intro. to Math

OCS Preparation I

Health & PE

4 Elective Courses

* If you took Math I in 8th grade and passed.  You would register for Math II your 9th grade year.

** If you took and passed World History your 8th grade year;  you will select 4 electives your 9th grade year. 

***If you have an IEP and do not follow the OCS guidelines; you may have Curriculum Assistance.  This will be identified in your IEP and will use elective credits.

Differences between

Middle & High School:

Schedule: In high school, you will have four courses during the first half of the year (fall semester).  Then you will four new courses during the second half of the school year (spring semester).

Attendance:  Attendance in high school is completely different than what you are used to.  You can fail a course because of attendance alone, no matter what grade you earned academically Attendance is taken each class period and missing more than eight periods in ANY class places you at risk for failing that course due to absences. You must be in class for at least 1/2 the class period to be counted present. 

Grade Promotion:  Each class in high school is a stand-alone course.  You earn one credit unit when you pass a course.  Most students must earn 26 credits to graduate.  Because of this, grade promotion is based having earned a specific number of credits and earning credits in specific courses.  

Midyear Promotion: Life does not always go as planned.  In the event you fall behind; we have some resources available to students in certain situations to recover credits.  You have to meet parameters to qualify, so if this should happen to you; speak to your school counselor.  


One benefit of a block schedule is it gives students the opportunity to be promoted after the fall semester if they have met the requirements to do so. 


Here as some resources to help you start off your high school journey on the right path.

9th Grade Timeline:

CFNC.org is a great website full of information on planning for high school and college.  This interactive timeline provides valuable ideas.

High School Programming Guide:

This document will provide you just about everything you need for high school.  Pages 24 - 44 provides you course descriptions.

Graduation Checklist:

This is a tool to help guide you through high school graduation requirements.

Common Questions:

Why do I have to register for 12 classes?

The first 8 courses you select are your top preferences.  While we try to honor all student requests, at times, it is not possible.  For this reason you must select 4 additional courses in the event you cannot get your top preferences.

Will I get all the classes I register for?

Not always.  That is why you are asked to give 4 different courses as a back up or alternates.

Do I have to take Health & PE?

Yes, it is graduation requirement.  The good news is if you like PE we offer advanced classes in weight lifting, PE, team and lifetime sports.  If you don't like these courses, Health & PE is the only PE course you are required to take.

Can I take all my classes online?

While we offer some online classes we are not set up as an online school. So this is not possible. 

What can I do if I don't want the courses I registered for?

You have the chance to request schedule changes during the drop/add period. Drop/ add is usually initiated electronically, so watch your email.  We can't honor every request, but we try to meet your needs. 

What if I still have questions?

Please schedule a conference with your school counselor.  You can do this online by going to the top of this page and click on the "Schedule a Meeting" icon and follow the prompts. 

Helpful Tools:

School Counselors

Karolyn Leavelle

Students last names A - K

Jamila Riddick

Students last names L - Z

What is 

Knight Lunch?

Knight Lunch is an intervention period that is worked into RHS' daily schedule.  

There are three lunch periods per day and every student must sign up for one of them.

The other two periods are for students to use for tutoring, remediation, time to work on projects, papers or homework, or enrichment activities. 

Students are expected to sign up daily for their Knight Lunch schedule.  At times, teachers can "lock" students into their class; however, student can always sign up for help from teachers during open time slots. 

There should never be a reason for students getting behind in work or not understanding a concept. 

COVID-19 Crisis Protocol

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are following guidelines established by the governor, NC Board of Education, NC DPI and Martin County Schools' Board of Education.  Social distancing will be strictly enforced for everyone's safety; therefore, all conferences will be completed via telephone or electronic video conferencing.

Email is the best way to communicate!

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