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2020 - 2021

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Class of 2021

A message for our seniors:

First and foremost, Congratulations!  

It took a lot of hard work to get this point, so take a second and reflect on all you have done and all that has been done for you to reach this milestone.  

Senior year moves fast, so get ready!  Senior conferences, special events, applications, deadlines and planning for what comes next are just some of the things you have to prepare for.  We know this year has started off a little different; but make no mistake, we are here for you..just call, email or schedule a meeting with us in the menu bar above. 

We want to encourage you to keep going.  Keep working on your classwork, fill out those applications and apply for scholarships.  While your senior year has not started the way you expected, it is YOUR senior year and you have the ability to write this last chapter of high school with a positive ending. 

We celebrate you and miss you terribly!

RHS Student Services Team

Senior Year:

Congratulations, you made it to senior year!  

For most of you, senior year is full of moments that will create lifelong memories.  It is a culmination of years of hard work and numerous people who loved and supported you.

While you are looking at senior year as the end of a chapter; it is also the beginning of another one: your future.  Our goal in student services is for you to have all the information, tools, resources and support you need to graduate and transition into the next chapter of your life in the direction you choose. 

To accomplish this joint goal, we have to work together.  Use these resources as a guide, this year will go fast; now is not the time to get lazy.  Stay on top of your work, watch your deadlines and come see us when you have questions.  We promise to be there to support your efforts!

12th Grade: Typical Course Options

For most, senior year provides them room in their schedule to really focus on their plans after high school.  That could be saving money by taking advantage of college courses offered at Martin Community College as part of North Carolina's Career & College Promise Program.  These courses are offered in both the college transfer and career and technical pathways.

It is also a terrific time to gain valuable work experience and begin networking through choosing to take an internship course through RHS's Career & Technical Education Program with Mrs. Christenberry.

Before you can take advantage of these options you have to make sure you are on track to meet all graduation requirements.  Listed below are the typical courses students need to take their senior year.


Future Ready Core


Occupational Course of Study

English IV

4th Math:

Aligned with your post high school plans*

If entered 2020-2021 & After:

Economics & Personal Finance

OCS English IV

OCS Preparation IV

If entered 2019-2020 & Before:

OCS Social Studies II

If entered 2020-2021 & After:

OCS Economics & Personal Finance

*4th Math:

UNC System Admission

If you entered high school 2019-2020 & Before:

Math IV; Advanced Functions; MAT 171 or MAT 172

If you entered high school 2020 - 2021 & After:

Math IV; Pre-Calculus; MAT 171 or MAT 172

Work Force or Community College: 

2018 - 2019 & Before: Principles of Business & Finance

2019 - 2020 & After: Accounting

**CPR:  All students are required to pass CPR which will be provided at high school during your senior year.

Standardized Tests:


The ACT is offered to all North Carolina students in their junior year. Perhaps you did not score as high as you hoped; or needed to in order to get into your dream school.  You can take the ACT as many times as you'd like and most schools will "super-score" your results. This means they will take they highest scores from each section as your final score.  Don't let cost stop you as many of our students qualify for fee waivers.  You may use two and your College Advisor can assist you.


The SAT is also known as a college entrance exam.  Some schools and programs prefer the SAT or ACT; so make sure you inquire during your college search.  Most schools also accept your "super-score" if you take the exam more than once.  In addition, fee waivers are available twice for students who qualify.  Please speak with your College Advisor who can assist you.

Tips for ACT & SAT:
  • The ACT and SAT can be taken multiple times.

  • Both have set dates, established by their respective organizations, so plan early!

  • Many schools "super-score"; meaning they take your highest score from each section (if you took the exam more than once.)

  • Your college advisor can help you to see if you qualify for fee waivers.

  • Your college advisor can HELP YOU sign up for each exam

  • Your college advisor CAN NOT sign you up without you being present.  To schedule, you must arrange a conference with your college advisor.


This is a timed, entrance exam for all branches of the military.  Each branch sets its own minimum standards.  The exam is usually offered on-campus, twice a year.  If you are even considering enlisting; we encourage to take the ASVAB during its administration at RHS.  There is no cost for the exam.  Please let your school counselor or JROTC instructor know of your interest.

Work  Keys

This exam measures your "work readiness".  It is offered to every student who is a CTE completer at Riverside High School.  Many employers look for potential employees to have taken this exam and use the score as competitive markers in the employment process.

College Application Process

The college application process can feel overwhelming.  The most important advice we can give you is to plan ahead.  The timeline tool provided you through CFNC is a great way to plan and Common App has a tool you can download to your phone to help you stay on target.  

Your first step should be to make sure you stay on track to graduate and meet minimum acceptance requirements for the college/university you are hoping to attend.  There are great resources on this page including UNC System Minimum Standards and Big Futures through the College Board which can help you in your college search.  Another great tip is to start a notebook or binder to keep all the information you will need together and easy to locate.

Ask for help.  You have a wealth of information available around you at Riverside High School.  Talk to your teachers about their college experience.  Do your own research by seeking out people who attended the college you are considering or are in the profession that interests you.  Your school counselor will be meeting with you by the end of September and this will be a great time to bring questions.  Your college advisor will also be coordinating a meeting with you at the beginning of the year.  Know that you can schedule a meeting with anyone in student services when you have questions. 

It is never too early to start gathering documents you will need. Know where and how to access your standardized test results. The same is true for documents like: transcript, GPA and class rank as these are all competitive markers that schools and scholarships will require.  

Financial Aid

October 1st is FAFSA Day and you may start submitting your FAFSA applications on this date!  Completing the FASFA should be one of your first steps in completing your Financial Aid Package for attendance at any post-secondary college or university after graduation from high school.


Your college advisor is here to help.  Our college advisor will have numerous options for you and your parent/guardian to participate with in effort to complete the FAFSA.  These events include a FAFSA night event to individually scheduled conference.


Most schools cannot begin your financial aid package without you having had completed the FAFSA.  This is true for many scholarships  offered by schools (athletic as well).  There is no cost to complete the FAFSA and no negative consequences if you change your mind and choose not to go to school.  However, failure to complete the FAFSA or completing it late, can cost you to miss out on certain grants or other revenue streams to help you pay for college.

Additionally, you will also need to complete what is called, residency determination.  We have provided a link to RDS help you complete this process as well. 

Asking for a Reference:

There are many reasons why you may find yourself asking one of Riverside High School's staff members for a reference.  It may be for a job you are applying for, a college application or a scholarship you are competing for.  In any case, you are asking someone for a reference because you are hoping they speak to your strengths and positive qualities. 

Here are some tips to help make asking someone for a reference a positive experience for both of you!

  • Build positive relationships with adults.

  • Ask first.  Don't assume.  Go to the person, in private and ask if they would be willing to write a reference for you.

  • Be prepared.  Know what you need in the reference.  Who should it be addressed to, what should it include and how should it be delivered.

  • Start early!  When at all possible, you should give the person two weeks to have it completed.

There is a "Brag Sheet" tool we use in student services to assist students with references.  Use the tool to help you prepare to ask for your references.


There a thousands of websites and resources available for scholarships.  Scholarships can be awarded for: merit (grades & accomplishments), study areas, talents, school specific and hundred of characteristics from gender specific, where you live to the color of your hair. 

In addition to the different reasons scholarships are awarded, there are different ways scholarships are awarded.  There are national scholarships, regional, state and local scholarships.  

Please visit our Scholarship Page on this website.  Moreover, we strongly encourage you to visit it frequently as we update the resources as we learn of scholarships.   While you are on that site, please make sure you watch the video that gives you some great tips on how to plan, find and apply for scholarships.

Please share your good news.  As you learn of scholarships and awards you receive, please make sure to notify your college advisor or school counselor of your achievements!

Decision Day:

Decision Day is a fun event coordinated annually by your College Advisor and School Counselors.  It is an event dedicated to celebrate your achievements.  Oftentimes, Decision Day is full of fun, food and prizes. 

In order to be eligible to attend, you must submit documentation proving your plans.  Examples include a letter from your recruiter or acceptance letter from the college/university you plan to attend.

Add a Title
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Due to social distancing being imposed from the COVID-19 pandemic; plans for the 2021 Decision Day are fluid and will be shared with you as soon as they are finalized.  Please, keep emailing your decision documentation to Ms. Daye!


Senior Meeting:

Your school counselor will schedule a personal conference with you at the beginning of the school year to plan for your senior year.  Parents/guardians are welcome to come!

Grad. Requirements & Course Options


Is an online medium for courses not offered at RHS.  This includes standard, honors and AP courses. Student must meet parameters to be eligible.  If interested, please talk with your school counselor. 


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 5.06.36 PM.png
  • This is a timed, entrance exam for anyone interested in enlisting in ANY of the military branches.

  • It is given on campus, during the school day at no cost.

  • Each branch sets its own minimum standard for scores.

College & Career

Common App Logo
UNC System logo
College Board

Career Exploration

123test picture
MappingYour Future


The above resource is called the "brag sheet". Included are: Summary sheet for you to complete with your requested reference to verify purpose and deadlines of reference. Also included are: A questionnaire to accentuate your goals and accomplishments as well as directions for developing a resume.




To contact Josten's about orders or payment questions, please call:

(252) 355 - 1571

Awards Day:

Awards Day is an honored tradition that happens every May here at Riverside High School.  An evening event, Awards Day is an opportunity to share your scholarships and awards with your friends, family and community.  

Your student services team works very hard to identify all the recognitions and scholarships are seniors have been awarded, but we need your help!  Please, as you learn of awards you receive, from any source, share those with your College Advisor or school counselor so we can recognize you.

Congratulations to all recipients!

COVID-19 Crisis Protocol

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are following guidelines established by the governor, NC Board of Education, NC DPI and Martin County Schools' Board of Education.  Social distancing will will be strictly enforced for everyone's safety; therefore, all conferences will be completed via telephone or electronic video conferencing.