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Welcome to Junior Year!

Congratulations Juniors, you are almost there!  You made it through the transition from middle to high school and have become leaders in our school.  

Now, take a deep breathe and get ready for your junior year!  

There may not be a year in high school more important than your 11th grade year.  You've laid the ground work by completing your foundational courses and now are taking some of the most difficult courses in your high school career.

For certain, you are going to be challenged.  You are going to be challenged academically with the most required courses of any year.  Your priorities will be challenged as you'll feel the pressure of future planning, friends, extracurricular activities and the responsibilities of becoming a young adult.

This is no time to let up.  Stay focused.  Set goals and do the work to get where you want to be.  Don't ever forget you are not in this alone.  Family and good friends will be there to help you stay on track.  If you haven't come to meet your student services staff, now is the time!  Set up an appointment with our career advisor and look into taking some courses at Martin.  Introduce yourself to our college advisor so you can share your college plans and meet with your school counselor to make sure you have everything on track for high school graduation.

FRC: Typical 11th Grade Courses

For students who follow Future Ready Core graduation guidelines and who have entered high school the academic year 2019 - 2020 or before; listed below are the courses you are expected to take for graduation and your options.



English III

Math III


4th Math



American History I & II


Honors or Standard

Honors or Standard

AFM, Math IV, MAT 171 or

MAT 172

Biology or


(must be in or have taken Math III)

Honors or Standard OR

HIS 131  and HIS 132 at MCC

Consider the following:

Technology Credit

Foreign Language

CTE Courses


OCS: Typical 11th Grade Courses

Listed below are the typical courses taken in 11th grade for students who follow the Occupational Course of Study graduation guidelines.  Please pay attention to the course options base don the year you entered high school.

Entered High School

2019-2020 and Before

Entered High School

2020-2021 & After

OCS English III

Personal Finance


OCS Biology

OCS Social Studies I

Occupational Prep. III

3 Electives

OCS English III

Financial Management

OCS Biology

OCS Civic Literacy

Occupational Prep. III

3 Electives

The ACT:

The Princeton Review describes the ACT this way: It is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admission decisions.  It is a pencil and paper test composed of four sections.  The sections include: English, Math, Reading and Science.  An optional writing is also available.

All juniors at RHS will take the ACT during a scheduled school day and at no financial cost to the student.  This test session will include the writing component.


ACT preparation sessions will be offered to students leading up to the exam.  Students are strongly encourage to take these seriously to better prepare them for the 3 hour and 35 minutes assessment.


The four main components (Math, English, Reading and Science) are scored on a scale of 1 to 36.  The average of the four sections becomes your composite score.  The UNC System Admission minimum is 17. 


Generally, the higher you score; the more options will available to you regarding admissions and scholarships.  

You can take the ACT again outside of the test session offered at RHS.

The SAT:

The Princeton Review describes that SAT as an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admission decisions.  

The purpose of the SAT exam is to measure a student's readiness for college and is comprised of two sections that include: Math and evidenced-based reading and writing.  There is also an optional essay exam as well.  The SAT is scheduled to take 3 hours and an additional 50 minutes if you choose to take the optional essay.

Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale with 1600 being the highest possible and the National average for 2019 was 1059.  The UNC System set the minimum admission standard score for SAT as 880.  

As with the ACT you can take the exam multiple times.  

Did you know?

  • Some colleges and universities prefer the SAT or ACT over the other.  Make sure you look at what their preferences are, if they have one.

  • Don't let the cost of these exams stop you! Talk to your college advisor as they may be able to assist you with a fee waiver.

  • Your ACT or SAT score is part of the whole process of admissio.  They also look at things like grades, GPA, the difficulty of courses, leadership roles you took in high school, volunteer work you completed, your references and your application.

  • Most colleges and universities have a minimum score you have to earn.  This is also true for high school diploma endorsements and NCAA athletic eligibility.

  • You can take both the ACT and SAT more than once.  Start early so you have time to take them again if you need or want to.  

Future Planning:

Career Explorations: If you have not started yet, what are you waiting for?  Now is a great time to begin thinking about what it is you might want to do after high school.  Check at the resources on the side of this page to complete an interest inventory and begin your career exploration.

College Searches: Start developing a list of your top college choices and why.  Your list should also include their admission requirements and dates for when materials are due for admission.  Check out the resources we have available to you in effort to help you with your process.  And most importantly, schedule a meeting with your college advisor!  They can walk you through the process and help ease your anxiety.

Scholarships:  #1 tip is to start looking for scholarships early and keep a timeline of when they are due.  A great place to start is the scholarship page on this website.  There are scholarships specifically for juniors, so don't miss the deadline!

Military:  Are you thinking that enlisting in one of the beaches of the military may be for you?  Check out the military.com link provided above to get your search started.  We would also encourage to talk with some of our staff who served honorably and can provide you some valuable information.  Our JROTC instructors would LOVE to talk with you and provide advise.  And when you already, you can always reach out to a recruiter. 

The World of Work:  You may be thinking that best plan for you after high school is to join the world of work.  If this is your situation, there are things you can do in high school to better prepare yourself for a high paying job.  Look at the CTE courses offered here at Riverside High School. Maybe an internship through Ms. Christenberry will be a good fit for you as you earn high school credit and job experience!  And don't slouch on the CTE pathway at Martin Community College. 


  • This is a timed, entrance exam for anyone interested in enlisting in ANY of the military branches.

  • It is given on campus, during the school day at no cost.

  • Each branch sets its own minimum standard for scores.

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