10th Grade Resources

Welcome Sophomores!

Congratulations 10th graders! Your first year of high school is in the books; or should I say: "on your transcript."  Maybe things went better than you expected and your high school career is off to a great start.  In that case, this is no time to stop; you are just getting started! Use the resources and suggestions provided here to continue your journey though high school and set yourself up for your future plans!

In the event things didn't go as well as you hoped; now is the perfect time to get on track!  The most important thing you can do is keep your grades up.  If you have struggled, ask for help!  Your first stop should be in the mirror.  Ask yourself what you need to do differently, be honest with yourself.  Maybe the transition to high school was a little harder than you expected; or maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities;  whatever the reason, you can do this!

Your second stop is to reach out to your teachers.  Most teachers offer help and tutorial sessions through Knight Lunch, but you have to let them know you are willing to give the effort!  And finally, don't forget about your team in student services.  We are here to help!

10th Grade Course Options

Listed below are the typical courses you are expected to take in 10th grade.  You will see you have quite a few options left up to you after your CORE courses are selected.  Remember the assumption is made you will pass all your courses.  If you have fallen behind, it is imperative you schedule an appointment with your counselor to develop a plan to help get you on track.  

Reminder: Most students at RHS follow the FRC graduation guidelines.  If you are not sure if you follow the OCS guidelines, please check immediately with you EC Case Manager or school counselor. 


Future Ready Core


Occupational Course of Study

English II

Math II or Math III*

Honors Biology or

Physical Science*

Civics & Economics or Civic Literacy*

4 Elective Courses

OCS English II


OCS Math I

OCS Preparation II: This course equals 2 credits

3 Elective Courses

*Follow your math progression.  If you took Math I in 9th grade, take Math II in 10th grade.  If you took Math II in 9th grade, take Math III in 10th grade. 

*Science Progression:

Honors Biology: If you have accelerated your math learning and plan to chemistry as your physical science graduation requirement.


Physical Science: If you have taken Math I in 9th grade or plan to take Math I in 10th. 

*Social Studies progression changes for students entering high school for the first time in academic year 2020-2021.  Please follow guide below:

If you entered High School the 2019 - 2020 school year or before: 

Civics & Economics

If you entered High School the 2020 - 2021 school year & after:

Founding Principles: Civic Literacy

Building your Resume':

Very soon, if you haven't already, you will need adults to assist you with references for applications.  They could be applications for jobs, scholarships or admission to colleges.  No matter what they are for, you want them to be positive, right?

Well, this is where "building your resume'" comes in mind. 

First, challenge yourself.  10th grade is a great year to think about taking more difficult courses.  Maybe challenge yourself to an honors class or consider a college course.  

Next, look for leadership opportunities   Think about volunteering or joining clubs and organizations here at school or in our community.  If you haven't before, challenge yourself by thinking about becoming an officer.  All of these activities give you experience, help you learn time management and relationship skills.  These are all traits employers, colleges and scholarship committees are looking for in candidates.

And just as importantly, be aware of your social media presence as the "footprint" you leave here can, and will follow you.  The video above may seem silly to you; however, it is full of terrific advice.  Now is the time to "clean up" your footprint and make sure you are marketing yourself in a way that you want to be represented. 

Planning for your Future

Now is the perfect time to begin planning for what it is that you want to do after high school.  There are a list of resources on the side of this page to assist you with the process.

CFNC.org is a website filled with information on how to plan for high school, preparing for standardized tests (like the ACT and SAT) and exploring colleges.

Speaking of exploring colleges, click on the link to the UNC Systems for information on college admission standards in North Carolina.  While you there, take a virtual tour of college campuses.  There is a tour for each of the 16 colleges and universities in the UNC System.


An important part of growing is getting to know yourself.  Knowing what you like is as important as knowing what you don't like.  The same holds true for your strengths and weaknesses.  There are links to connect you with some unique sites that provide, free interests inventories and career suggestions. 


Sophomores, now is GREAT time to start planning for your future! 


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Planning for HS & Beyond


Exploring NC Colleges &


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Exploring your Interests and Career options

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